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Rent Collection - Our safe and automated software system allows your tenants to pay online and for us to easily and securely transfer the payments to you. 

Tenant Screening - One of the keys to success in rental management is finding the right tenants to occupy your property.  In fact, prioritizing good tenant screening practices is one of the best ways to maximize your profitability and protect your real estate investment. Good tenants mean timely rent payments, the number one area of property management that can make or break your cash flow.  Our low-cost background checks include: 

  • Credit – We check for evictions and any past landlord debt. 
  • Background Check - We run a thorough nationwide search for criminal records in all 50 states.
  • Income Verification - As an added benefit, we will verify your prospective tenant's income and verify employment. 

Lease Preparation - We only use a lease recognized by the Massachusetts Courts and set forth by the Massachusetts Association of Realtors.  

Collection Letters - We have the legal letters you need to show your tenants you mean business when it comes to collecting past due rent. 

Court Filings - We spend time in court so you don't have to.  We file court proceedings, request dates for eviction hearings, and make sure the correct process is followed so your tenant is issued a summons to appear.

Eviction Hearings - We can act as your Agent and attend on your behalf or we can help you understand what to expect when you get there. 

Company Policies – Your privacy is our top priority. We value your business and respect your confidential information at all times. 

Executive Profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. Kimberly O'Donnell is the founder and managing director of Boston|North REALTY and Property Management.  Kim has been licensed since 1994 and has been a Broker since 2019. To learn more about Kim and our other staff members click on the "Our Company" tab in the main menu at the top of any page. 

Landlord Success

Boston/North Property Management is a full service management company helping landlords succeed in all ways.  

Whether you have one property or thirty, we can make your day-to-day operations run smoothly.     

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Past Due Rent Collection

Rent collection can make or break your investment ventures. Rent collection is highly regulated by the consumer protection laws in Massachusetts. Tenants know their rights, and often times they know the "system'.  Landlords, don't lose your eviction case and your chance to collect rent that's in arrears, because you didn't follow the law.  We will take all the legal steps to collect your rent. We know the law and we follow the law.




Property Inspections

We provide landlords and property owners peace of mind by performing occupancy inspections, habitability inspections, and maintenance inspections.

  • Has the grass been cut? 
  • Has the snow been cleared? 
  • Are all the vehicles registered?
  • Is your driveway and yard debris-free?

This property is one of your biggest assets. We'll be there. 


Move-out Inspections

Move-out Inspections provide you with a room-by-room inspection, complete with a comprehensive checklist and photos. Move-out inspections provide you with the necessary information of any damages outside of normal wear and tear, that may have to be deducted from your Tenant's Security Deposit. We are here to help the Landlord succeed. 


Occupancy Inspections

  Let us alleviate the worry that can come with owning an investment property.  Timely rent payments are an essential piece of your success. Make sure your tenants who may have fallen behind, still live there. We will verify occupancy and make sure it's the tenant you rented to, who lives there .

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Rental Property Showings

Our Property Management expertise allows us to stand-in for you in your absence,  or we can handle the rental process from start to finish. We can do a little or a lot, including professional looking photos, staging advice, and tips for curb appeal. Need a rental ad that stands out from the crowd?  Just ask us. 


Tenant Credit and Background Screening

Landlords, we can help you spot potential problems before they begin by running credit and background checks on your behalf.  We facilitate the application and screening process and provide you with the information you need before you say, yes. You set the criteria, we provide the data. 


Lease Preparation

 You can find almost anything on the Internet, including a "standard lease".  The lease you use is arguably the most important aspect of owning rental property. Don't be the landlord who unintentionally breaks the law and winds up getting sued.  Leases are not "standard"; any errors you've committed will potentially void the lease, and delinquent rent can be the least of your worries.  We only use the residential lease accepted by the Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR). 

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