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We don't answer to a corporate office, and we don't have any franchise fees to pay allowing us to sell your home while charging less than they will.  We offer a variety of selling options with a flexible fee that they just can't and aren't allowed to, offer you.  We can sell your home for as low as 2% - guaranteed.

We Will Not Let you Overpay - Ever!

Buyer's Agents

Never a fee for our services; we work for you to ma We know what that property is worth because we've already done our homework. We will advocate, negotiate, and fiercely work on your behalf so you can get more, and pay less.  Did we mention that we cost you nothing?! You want us on your side when you're buying a home.

For Sale By Owner


Sellers, we vet the buyers and their mortgage broker. The highest offer is not necessarily the best offer. Find out what you need to know before financing falls through. Trust us to help you; we are the experts and we know what to do and we know how to do it. Contact us for more info.